Creative Consultants, Manchester Art Gallery.

Creative Consultants are a group of 14-19 year olds who meet monthly at Manchester Art Gallery to connect with art, be creative and make their mark on the gallery.

I've been lead artist on a number of phases of this ongoing initiative, outlined below.

More information on the group here on the Gallery site.

Underground project, 2014 - the groups response to Jeremy Deller's exhibition All That Is Solid Melts Into Air resulted in the staging of our own Late Event at the gallery, featuring live music and pinhole photography.


 Deadline project, early 2013 - In response to work by artist Kelley Walker in the exhibition Dreams Without Frontiers, the group have imagined a Manchester music scene for 2018, complete with bands and venues. Given background to the exhibition, the city itself and the idea of mythical versions of exciting places to live, the group commissioned designer Rob Bailey to design a gig flyer. We then spend 2 days screenprinting at Hot Bed Press, resulting in a set of striking posters then displayed in the entrance corridor of the gallery.

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2011 Visual Dialogues project, which saw the group create an exhibition in response to the gallery's recently purchased work by Grayson Perry. The project has taken the group through pottery and signwriting, acting and curating, trips to Gallery Oldham, V&A, Victoria Miro and both London Tates, resulting in a highly regarded exhibition. On top of making their own film, the group selected artworks and items from Manchester’s stores, to display alongside contemporary and surprising eBay finds.